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Web-edu.tv is a platform for sharing experiences and accessing scientific films on line. It is fed by discussion forums meant to stimulate debate and advocate for education policy post-2015.

The original and specific objective of Web Edu TV is to make high-quality resources (films and reference documents) in the field of education in Sub-Saharan Africa available to education professionals, researchers, decision-makers and all education stakeholders.

Web-edu.tv is an innovative project led by the association PAVEA (Promotion de l’Audiovisuel pour l’Education en Afrique). It is supported by the SDC/Swiss Cooperation Agency, the AFD, Solidarité laïque and CEPED.

Teaching Differently in RDC

Violence in School Côte d’Ivoire

Views of Women on Schooling

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What about the quality issue ?


Why a late concern ?


What are the factors of ”non-quality” of education ?


Who is the committed to the improvement of quality ?


What other approaches to promote ?


What is your own commitment to providing quality education ?


What is for you the definition of a quality school ?